Monday, August 3, 2009

Test Browser Speed

Testing browser speed is difficult, because for most page time different is less than seconds. But we are visiting thousands of page, if we spend 1 second extra per page we spend thousand second more which is 16 minutes. Over the time we spend lot more time in slower browser than faster browser. That’s why it is nice to test our browser speed and use faster one.

We can test and feel on web site speed and fell the different where page use lot more Ajax. Here is a page to test, do it on each browser want to test.
1) Open browser want to test
3) Select/Click Test
4) Type Number of Question to 50.
5) Click Print

On our test we fell Google Chrome is faster browser. We tested with IE7, IE8, Fire Fox 3.

Test yourself and put notes below. It will be helpful if you put what all browser you tested and which one is faster.